Magickal Products

Wadjet Egyptian Wall Mirror with Cobra Sconces  $89.99

Place your favorite tapers into the cobras’ heads in this amazingly ornamental Egyptian Revival work of art to add extra sparkle to a mirror that reflects the mystery of Wadjet, protectress of pharaohs. Combining function and art, our designer resin piece shines in faux gold leaf and the rich colors of an Egyptian palette.
19½"Wx3"Dx24½"H. 7 lbs.

Renenutet, the Cobra Goddess Altar Candlestick: Set of two $ 24

With a touch of pure drama, the inventive artist entwined twin cobras to meet at the crown of this breathtakingly dramatic, over foot-tall altar candlestick. This Egyptian Revival work of decorative art is cast in quality designer resin and painstakingly hand-painted in tones of ebony and gold. Beautiful alone, it is quite stunning paired on mantel, or an entry table.
4"dia.x11"H. 2 lbs.

Horus Egyptian Wall Plaque   .   $34.95

The Egyptian embodiment of divine kingship

Carrying a large sun disc on his head and two ankhs atop his claws, Horus spreads his wings in this imperial work of wall art. Horus is hand-painted in a royal palette, accented in faux gold and cast in designer resin to add a regal presence to any room.
15½"Wx1"Dx13½"H. 1 lb

Ur-Uatchi Ceremonial Offering Shelf      $79.99

The protective symbol of the sun disk once adorned every temple in ancient Egypt! At almost two feet long, it is cast in designer resin and hand-painted in the rich colors of Egypt.
23"Wx4½"Dx4½"H. 6 lbs.

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